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PRESS RELEASE 12 January 2012: Airlines Monthly Twitter Report for December 2011


PRESS RELEASE 12 January 2012

eezeer Data Lab - Airlines Monthly Twitter Report for December

eezeer is excited to announce the tenth release of their ‘Airlines Monthly Twitter Report’ infographic produced by their extended online service, eezeer Data Lab. The Infographic will be released later today.

Real-Time Statistics of Airlines on Twitter

The Airlines Monthly Twitter Report displays the capabilities of eezeer to produce insightful real-time statistics and consumer driven opinions through twitter.

Tweet Traffic Rises

Each monthly release of the Airlines Monthly Twitter Report infographic has seen a rise in total Tweet traffic and we hope to see this pattern continue as the concept of Airlines on Twitter evolves.

This month’s total incoming and outgoing tweet traffic between Airlines and their Consumers stands at 267 028 Tweets. This is a fantastic increase in Tweets of 14% compared to November!

eezeer Data Lab once again found a hefty increase of nearly 5000 Tweets sent by Airlines to their Consumers during December, great to once again see a notable increase in outgoing Tweets. Airlines seem to be utilizing this vital channel to reach out to their consumers.

The amount of Tweets sent by Consumers to various Airlines saw a near 30 000 Tweet increase compared to November’s result which is an incredible increase compared to previous months.

Best in Class: Air Asia

September saw a major change in Tweeting news, but during the month of October and November, Delta made it back to the top but during December, Air Asia took over and became the Best in Class Airline and 1st position in the Listening Champion category with 17 220 Tweets and 1st position in the Talking Champion category with 4 205 Tweets.

Airlines on Twitter

We have 2 new Airlines on twitter as of December, bringing the total up to 200.

Continent of Focus

This month we take a look at two Top Asian Airlines. Featured is Air Asia with a total of 502 492 Followers and Asiana Airlines with a total of 85 799 accounts that they Follow.

Tweeting News

In Tweeting News, the infographic is focusing on passenger experience subject in tweets.

This month we take a look at the Tweets related to the Passenger Experience.

These tweets appear as a principal subject of the tweets exchanged between consumers and airlines and airports, often ignored by brands. And nonetheless crucial to understand the consumers point of view.

We saw that of the ‘other tweets’ category, 32% of Tweets are related to #PaxEx.

Multi-lingual Infographic

We now offer our Airlines Monthly Twitter Report infographic as well as all Special Edition infographic’s in three languages. We offer English, French and Spanish.

For more information about eezeer Data Lab, visit

Press Contact: Samantha Muller and!/eezeerdatalab

About eezeer Data Lab:

Eezeer Data Lab has been created and is powered by Air Valid®, a world leading airline information and reviews website.

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