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Airlines on Twitter at the Paris Air show 2011

With over two thousand international exhibitors, 142 aircrafts and tens of thousands of visitors gathered at the Le Bourget exhibition center this week for the Paris Air Show 2011, Tweets poured in on a variety of topics.

In light of the thrilling Paris Air Show 2011, we have released a Special Edition Infographic, a spinoff of our Airlines Monthly Twitter Report. This special edition focuses on the history of Twitter account creation and therefore the role of Twitter in the Aviation Industry.

Soaking up the excitement over the past five days of the 2011 Paris Air Show, today we’re taking a look at the focus of conversation of Airlines, and of course their Consumers on Twitter. We have Tweet concentrated clouds to show us what has been buzzing and trending each day on the #PAS11 theme.


Monday was the kick start of the Paris Air Show and we can clearly see this by the volume of Tweets and variety of topics Tweeted. There was a total of 1 890 Tweets sent out centering on the #PAS11 tag. Four words that are majorly highlighted are: Air Show, Boeing and A380. Although Airbus was Tweeted substantially less that Boeing, it is interesting to observe that one airplane of Airbus, in particular was widely Tweeted about, the Airbus A380. The next set of equally concentrated words that were Tweeted are: flight, @Boeingairplanes, Airbus, biofuel, 747-8F and Le Bourget. The remainder of the Tweeted words were fairly equally concentrated and varied in topic from a variety of Aviation experts, communication channels, airplane types and components.


Tuesday saw a slight drop in the number of #PAS11 tagged Tweets, with a total of 1 192 Tweets sent out. One can clearly see the concentration of Tweets and Boeing dominates the Tweet cloud! There is a consistent decrease in concentration with the following words behind Boeing in decreasing order: Air, Show, avgeek, @boeing airplanes, A380, Photo, Airbus, First, Bourget, aircraft, dreamliner, @flightblogger, orders and video. The rest of the Tweeted words were dramatically less concentrated that the words I have mentioned.

Boeing is becoming more market driven, because airlines are voting together for single isle aircrafts. There has been much spoken about Boeing aircrafts over the past two days.


Wednesday saw the halfway mark between Monday and Tuesday’s total Tweets sent out at 1 500. Once again Boeing makes a mark as the most Tweeted word, followed by a small handful of highly concentrated words and then the remainder words are evenly Tweeted with not many words standing out. Here is the small handful of highly concentrated words in decreasing order: Air Show, Airbus, order, aircraft and @boeingairplanes.

On Wednesday Air Asia X, Air Asia’s long haul sister airline, announced that they will be bringing a brand new in-flight entertainment system across their fleet, they’re going to leverage their electronic flight technology to bring the wireless technology to their fleet They also hinted that Air Asia will probably be looking at the same solution too. This could be why Air Asia was one of the top Tweeted words the following day.


Thursday had the highest volume of Tweets and the most clear cut, equally concentrated number of Tweets sent out at 2 028. There was a difference in the most highlighted word though, as it was Airbus that was the talk of the town. The remainder words are evenly Tweeted, here they are: orders, @Airbus, order, AirAsia, @flightblogger, @Flightglobal, engines, @CFM, aircraft, Boeing, Show, A320neo, Power, Enders, @winglets747, Fernandez, Leahy and @BoeingAirplanes. The remainder of the Tweeted words were fairly equally concentrated and varied in topic from a variety of Aviation experts, communication channels, airplane types and components, much the same as Monday’s Tweet cloud result.

At the end of Thursday, Air Asia had placed an order with Airbus for 200 Airbus A320neo aircrafts, the biggest single order for Airbus to date. This could be why Air Asia was the up there in the top 5 Tweeted words.


And last but certainly not least we have Friday’s result which was less than half of Tuesday’s result but that could be due to the fact that we finished looking at the #PAS11 Tweets at the business close of the day. None the less, the result from Friday’s total Tweets come to 487 Tweets sent out centering on the #PAS11 tag. Once again, as on Thursday, Airbus tops the charts as the most Tweeted word. It is closely followed by: 1st, Boeing, Air Show, Bourget, aircraft, @Flightglobal, Check, CSeries, European, Dreamliner, morning and Avgeek. The Tweets that remain are decrease in volume steadily. There is not a massive difference between the frequency of the words, from the most Tweeted word to the least Tweeted word, it is a steady, consistent decline.

What a great way to instantly look at what was trending on Twitter during this year’s Paris Air Show. Remember to check out the Special Edition infographic based history of Twitter account creation for further exciting Airlines on Twitter data.

Watch this space and we’ll keep you posted on any updates including all the thrilling happenings the last weekend of the 2011 Paris Air Show.

Samantha Muller

eezeer Data Lab

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